JavaScript 30 — Day 7 - Array Cardio 2

Steven Chen
1 min readDec 7, 2021


I went back to visit family over the weekend and I fell behind a little with both the coding and my documentation of the challenge.

The purpose of this challenge, for me, was not designed for stringent daily practice but rather a good guideline of what is easily digestible in daily increments.

In any case, I am back and have a backlog to share.

This day’s exercise was relatively uneventful but nevertheless useful. As a sequel to Day 4’s Array Cardio session, it dives into a few more Array methods:

  • some
    - some() is a handy method that will return a boolean value True if the condition is met for any of the array elements
  • every
    - every() on the other hand is similar to some() but, you guessed it, only returns True if the condition is met for ALL the array elements
  • find
    - I like to think of find() as like a singular use of filter(). Find () will return the first element that that satisfies the condition.
    However these two aren’t exact comparisons since filter() will still return an array even with just one element in it if that is the case.
  • findIndex
    - Just like find() but it returns the index of the element rather than the element itself.