JavaScript 30 — Day 4 — Array Cardio 1

  • map
  • sort
  • filter
  • reduce
  • One of the exercises required a conversion from a NodeList to an Array. While I know how to use the ES6 spread operator to make the conversion, the older Array.from() method also works in this case. It is perhaps more syntactically logical but I’m a fan of the former since it’s a little shorter and provides some other flexibility.
  • I had never really thought to throw an object as a parameter in a .reduce() for whatever reason. The method just takes in a parameter so it’s no different than what you can pass to a regular function, it had just never occurred to me.
newArray.reduce((a,b) => a-b > 0 ? 1: -1)
newArray.reduce((a,b) => a-b)




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Steven Chen

Steven Chen

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